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    Engineering Case


    Changzhou yijing lengcang shebei co.,ltd welcome you!

    Changzhou yijing lengcang shebei co.,ltd is the production of a variety of fabricated cold storage of professional manufacturers, is widely used in the industrial, trade, food, aquatic products, animal husbandry, medicine, tourism, railways, troops, hotels, restaurants, food processing and other industries. The production of PU (polyurethane sandwi...

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    • Shanghai mushroom cold storage

      Shanghai mushroom cold storage

          The project in the new town of Shanghai City, the cold storage to storage of chicken, duck, equipment all adopt the Bitzer water-cooled unit, the company was pleased the total land of the project the refrigeration effect...【查看詳情】

    • Norway Cisse container cold storage

      Norway Cisse container cold storage

          IC type refrigeration container container using standard equipment mainly, middle temperature zone, built-in shelves, anterior to the side temperature area and storage area, the rear part is generator room and refrigerat...【查看詳情】

    • Easy crystal cold storage engineering

      Easy crystal cold storage engineering

          The use of cooling facilities to create suitable humidity and low temperature warehouse. Also known as cold storage. Is the processing, storage product place. To get rid of the influence of climate, extended shelf life o...【查看詳情】

    • Cold storage logistics

      Cold storage logistics

          In order to meet customer demand, and many varieties of distribution for the purpose of the low-temperature logistics centre gradually developed, and plays a more and more important role. According to the low tempera...【查看詳情】

    • Scheme design of cold storage, equipment, process, pipeline, has the structure, construction, HVAC, project designers, provide one-stop refrigeration engineering construction management plan.
    • With the IS09001 product quality certification qualification certificate, 2 stage cold storage installation qualification, credit grade 3A enterprise qualification units, star enterprise qualification...
    • Construction project management have head and cold storage experience construction member, after installation and construction experience and years of professional training. With three heavy inspection, for acceptance of construction quality...
    • Customer service engineer with cold, strong guarantee of cold storage problems of immediate treatment, to ensure the normal operation of customers refrigeratory.
    • The industry of cold storage cases, high customer satisfaction evaluation. Many successful industries to create high-quality cold storage engineering case, become partners of Yi Jing long.
    • The use of special manufacturing process of cold storage door process: aluminum row / iron evaporator production, so that product quality has safeguard more.

    To enhance the quality of cold...

       In fact, the formation of different methods and installation materials, are directly affected the installation key cold storage projects carried out smoothly, so be sure to pay attention...[MORE]

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